Matsyasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits


Introduction Matsyasana is a reclined backward bending yoga posture with or without positioning the legs in Lotus Posture. It is one of the yoga postures of medieval time and yet a popular posture of modern yoga. This posture is found mentioned in Hatha Yoga Pradipika and described by Gheranda Samhita. Matsyasana is one of the … Read moreMatsyasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits

Garbhasana aka Garbha Pindasana


Introduction Garbhasana is also known as Garbha Pindasana. This posture belongs to the group of Lotus Posture. It is one of the advanced level yoga posture. This posture is identical to Inverted Tortoise Pose. Garbha Pindasana is a medieval Hatha Yoga Posture. Bahr al-hayat, a Persian translated text published in 1602 CE, describes this yoga … Read moreGarbhasana aka Garbha Pindasana

Makarasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits

Ardha Makarasana

Introduction Makarasana is a restorative yoga pose meant for the relaxation of mind and body. It is a basic level pose. This is a simple posture yet gives many benefits. The medieval Hatha Yoga text Gheranda Samhita describes this posture. Let us have look at the basic information, its meaning, steps, and the benefits. Makarasana … Read moreMakarasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits

Kukkutasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits

Yogasana kukkutasana or rooster posture, asana by alexey baykov

Introduction Kukkutasana is one of the advanced yoga postures. It belongs to Padmasana Group and arm balancing category. Rooster Kukkutasana Meaning Kukkut means a cockerel or rooster. Therefore Kukkutasana means Cockerel Pose or Rooster Pose. When performed, the posture looks like a cockerel. Hence it gets this name. We spell this alternatively as Kukudasana. Thambha … Read moreKukkutasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits

Baddha Padmasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits

Baddha Padmasana

Introduction Baddha Padmasana is an advanced variation of Lotus Posture. It is the medieval version of ancient Lotus Posture. This is one of the yoga poses meant for meditation. Let us have look at its origin, history, meaning, steps and benefits. Origin and History In fact, what is being understood now as Baddha Padmasana was … Read moreBaddha Padmasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits

Tulasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits

Tulasana the scale pose

Introduction Tulasana is an advanced variation of Lotus Posture. It belongs to Arm balancing category. Let us have look into the meaning, Steps and benefits of Tulasana. Tulasana Meaning The Sanskrit word Tulasana is the combination of two words Tula and Asana. Tula means Scale. We know that Asana is Pose. So Tulasana means Scale … Read moreTulasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits

Shavasana: All you need to know about

Shavasana the corpse pose

Introduction Shavasana is an excellent yoga pose for relaxation and rest. It is one of the lying restorative yoga poses. For this reason, it is practised when one gets mentally or physically tired. That being so, it is often practised after the completion of an Asana Session or intermittently in between two postures. Moreover, in … Read moreShavasana: All you need to know about

Bhujangasana: All you need to know about


Introduction Bhujangasana is one of the Hatha Yoga Poses found mentioned in medieval Hatha Yoga Texts like Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gheranda Samhita. It has become one of the most important posture of modern yoga for the reason that it is a follow-up posture for any forward bending yoga postures. It also serves as a … Read moreBhujangasana: All you need to know about

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