Svadhyaya: Study of Sacred Texts

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Introduction Svadhyaya is the fourth Niyama of Ashtanga Yoga. It is often translated into English as “Self-Study.” It is a part of ancient Indian education system. Let us have a look into this. Svadhyaya Meaning According to the Sanskrit dictionary spokensanskrit.org, Svadhyaya means “to study”, “recite a mantra or Veda or any sacred text”, “repeat … Read moreSvadhyaya: Study of Sacred Texts


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Meaning of Niyama Niyama are the ethical codes of conduct to be observed during the course of yoga. Simply put, Niyamas are “dos” in yoga; whereas Yamas are “don’ts”. In other words, Niyamas are the moral observances. These observances helps one to get mastery over mind and thereby one could avoid distraction. They prepare the … Read moreNiyama