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yoga during periods


Would we be able to do Yoga during periods?

Could Yoga address feminine issues?

On the off chance that you look for answers to the questions like these, you have come to the ideal spot. Just read on.

Yoga assumes a very significant role in our day-by-day lives. Once understood, it can change an individual by shaping the thought process, certain propensities, and in some cases the work ethic.

However, it considerably affects a person’s physical state which depends on how well the person knows and practices yoga. If done properly, it can benefit in the right way.

In this article, we will become more acquainted with answers to the numerous inquiries that surround this topic that make it even more obscure to obtain a conclusion.

Periods are a part of life for every female. Living to learn with it is a perfect way of handling the difficulties it creates for you. It’s pretty subjective as to how much it affects each woman as it is different for all but there is a certain guideline to follow for the phrase to be smooth.

These are some topics that everyone is very keen to know about. Also, they are very important to have a safe and pleasant experience with yoga even during periods. Refer to this article for more on the health benefits of yoga for women.

Can we do yoga during periods?

Yes! There is no such obligation to do yoga during periods although as mentioned earlier, every woman has a different way of dealing with it. For some, it might be as good as ignored but for some a painful phrase. To understand it in detail, self-realization can come in handy.

You see we all have different body requirements and suitability. Things that are easy for your body to take might not be suitable for someone else’s body. So it’s important to try out some exercises, yoga poses, and moments to see how your body will react to it and then draw a conclusion.

Well, that brings us to another topic. What exactly to choose from the vast number of asanas that yoga has to give?

Yoga for Menstrual Problems

Yoga has been a preferred way of treating menstrual problems. Many women believe in practicing yoga to fix menstrual delays. We can cure Menstrual delays in other ways too. Yet the natural way of doing it without harming or intoxicating the body is yoga.

Once starting to practice yoga, the body will react to the moments which help to create a balance even during PMS. It also proves beneficial for the overall figure, metabolism, and various ovarian problems during childbirth.

Yoga for period pain

One of the most common menstrual problems is menstrual cramps which is the one that makes the whole experience unpleasant. It is also called dysmenorrhea, which is basically the pain that happens during or before the period.

Generally, painkillers, hot water, or dark chocolate do the work but are not very effective, and moreover temporary. There are certain yoga poses that specifically target a certain area of our body which stretches and creates a relaxing feeling.

Different poses like Honeybee Breathing, Child Pose, Cobra Pose, etc are some of the yoga practices for reducing menstrual pain.

Yoga for heavy periods

Heavy bleeding increases anxiety, mood swings, and other problems such as nausea, diarrhea, constipation, etc. It is important to naturally reduce the bleeding and yoga is the best option for it. Other than heavy bleeding, it also helps in controlling lower back pain, bloating, etc.

There are various yoga poses that reduce heavy bleeding. You may incorporate them in order to keep heavy bleeding under control. Yoga Poses like Reclined Bound Angle Pose, Legs up the wall Pose, Bound Angle Pose, Supine twist, and some more.

Incorporating the above-given asanas and practicing them keeping form in consideration will make a difference.

Yoga for getting periods faster

The reasons for irregular periods are many main weight loss, medical conditions, or lifestyle changes. It is called oligomenorrhea which is indeed a typical issue in women. This creates unnecessary stress and mental tension resulting in unpleasant activities.

Irregularity or getting a period faster can be possible with any external medication by improving the diet and keeping a proper yoga regime. This will help you to get your period faster as well as regulate the periods.

The most common asanas done for regulating periods involve Thunderbolt Pose, Bound Angle Pose, Breath Control Techniques, Crunches, etc. Even you may go for some intricate yoga poses relying upon your suitability.

Yoga Poses That Helps and Yoga Poses to Avoid during Periods

Considering the above menstrual problems, collectively you can plan a regime that can involve reps of all the above-mentioned Yoga Poses. Each Yoga Pose is designed to target a specific part, considering this, a proper compound plan so that all the parts are covered.

Other Yoga practices such as Honeybee Breathing, Child Pose, Cobra Pose, Thunderbolt Pose, Cobbler Pose, Breath Control Techniques, and other poses are required and are related to the lower body.

In addition to this, introducing meditation with yoga can be the perfect blend of overall growth for the body. The anxiety and mental tension during periods will be balanced by helping the mind calm down supplementing it with oxygen and increasing mindfulness.

Consulting an expert in the field of yoga can also help you with detailed insights and guidelines on what to do and what not.

Yet, there are some yoga poses that you should completely avoid due to their complexity or suitability. These include the following poses that should be preferably avoided for any other complications.


Incorporating yoga into our daily life can be really helpful physically, as we saw the benefits and how it positively affects the body in enduring any issue. It is important to create awareness regarding yoga during periods.

There are several Menstruation myths and facts that have to be cleared in order to create a clear picture of things that cause unwanted anxiety and mental tension around periods.

The bottom line is to know and explore your own body and understand the suitability of the yoga exercise, your needs, and your body type for better health and a balanced state of mind.

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