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Vyaghra Kriya
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Vyaghra Kriya (व्याघ्र क्रिया) is one of the regurgitating techniques for cleansing the digestive tract in Yoga and Ayurveda. It is generally classified under Dhauti Kriya. Also, it is similar to Kunjal Kriya and Gajakarni. However, the purpose of this practice is to regurgitate the undigested or partially digested food after three hours, whereas the purpose of the other two practices is to cleanse the digestive tract at frequent intervals. Hence, it is not a regular practice as in the cases of the other two techniques. Also, it is comparatively not an advanced technique as the body does it normally when it is unsuccessful in digesting.

In this article, we discuss the meaning, steps, and benefits of Vyaghra Kriya.

Vyaghra Kriya Meaning

In Sanskrit, vyāghra is a tiger. Hence, व्याघ्र क्रिया (vyāghra kriyā) means the practice of tiger. The tiger has the habit of eating a large amount of food and vomiting the undigested food after three to four hours. This practice is similar to the habit of the tiger hence the name.

Vyaghra Kriya Steps

The practice is similar to Kunjal Kriya and done after three to four hours of eating.

  • Prepare one liter (half of that) of warm water with salt mixed.
  • Stand near to sink and drink the water to the maximum convenient capacity in one go.
  • Expel the water completely by constricting the stomach just below the ribcage. The undigested and semi-digested food will come along if done correctly.

Vyaghra Kriya Benefits

Modern medicine offers drugs that remove indigestion. However, if one is good at this practice of regurgitating, it removes the burden on the digestive system.

The natural regurgitating process of the body starts only as a last resort after the body completely fails to digest. In such cases, this practice helps to avoid the unnecessary burden of the system and to get away with rotten food and the food consumed in excess.

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