Yoga Scriptures or Yoga Sastras

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Rig veda is the oldest spiritual scripture that is available today. Nada Bindhu Upanishad of Rig veda, gives details of Yoga practised at that time. Hence the age of yoga can no be determined, because the oldest of the records available tell about the prevalence of yoga practised in those days.

Of the 108 Upanishads available today, 20 Upanishads speaks of yoga. These 20 Upanishads are called Yoga Upanishads. They are

  1. Adavaya Taraka Upanishad
  2. Amirtha Nada Upanishad
  3. Amirtha Bindhu Upanishad
  4. Ksurika Upanishad
  5. Tejo Bindhu Upanishad
  6. Tri Sikhi Brahmana Upanishad
  7. Dharsana Upanishad
  8. Dhyana Bindhu Upanishad
  9. Nada Bindhu Upanishad
  10. Pasupatha Brahmana Upanishad
  11. Brahma Vidya Upanishad
  12. Mandala Brahmana Upanishad
  13. Maha Vakya Upanishad
  14. Yoga Kundali Upanishad
  15. Yoga Sudamani Upanishad
  16. Yoga Tattva Upanishad
  17. Yoga Sikha Upanishad
  18. Varaka Upanishad
  19. Sandilya Upanishad
  20. Hamsa Upanishad
The following yoga scriptures belongs to post vedic period.
  1. Bhagavat Gita
  2. Yoga Sutra of Patanjali
  3. Thirumanthiram by Thirumoolar
  4. Hatha Yoga Pradeepika
  5. Gheranda Samhitha
  6. Siva Samhitha
These are only the important treatises. There are more classical works available. One should dedicate whole of his life to grasp everything that are mentioned in these books. It is not possible for everybody to set aside such a time to learn about them. Hence I make an attempt here to abstract or generalise important concepts and techniques explained in every one of them in such a way by not missing the core ideas.
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