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Pashupatabrahma Upanishad


Pasupatha Brahma Upanishad is also called as Pasupathbrahmopanishad. It is the seventy-seventh Upanishad of Muktika Upanishad order and found attached to Atharva Veda. It has two sections namely Poorva Khanda and Uttara Khanda. Poorva Khanda contains 32 verses mainly dealing with Hamsa Vidya.Uttara Khanda contains 46 verses mainly dealing with Para-Vidya, the philosophy of Atman and Paramatman. (Note: Poorva Khanda means the initial Section and Uttara Khanda means the final section).

Poorva Khanda
When Svayambhu (who originates on his own) Brahman happened to be filled with desires, he became the creator. Then Kamesvara and Vaisravana came into being. Vaisravana belonged to the class of Rishis called Valakhilya who were of the size of the thumb.
Vaisravana asked Brahman seven questions.
What is the Vidya (philosophy and practice) of the Worlds?
Who is the deity? Who is the deity of the Jagrat (waking state) and Turya [the fourth state beyond Jagrat, Swapna (dream) and Susupti

Yoga Scriptures or Yoga Sastras

Rig veda is the oldest spiritual scripture that is available today. Nada Bindhu Upanishad of Rig veda, gives details of Yoga practised at that time. Hence the age of yoga can no be determined, because the oldest of the records available tell about the prevalence of yoga practised in those days.

Of the 108 Upanishads available today, 20 Upanishads speaks of yoga. These 20 Upanishads are called Yoga Upanishads. They are

Adavaya Taraka UpanishadAmirtha Nada UpanishadAmirtha Bindhu UpanishadKsurika UpanishadTejo Bindhu UpanishadTri Sikhi Brahmana UpanishadDharsana UpanishadDhyana Bindhu UpanishadNada Bindhu UpanishadPasupatha Brahmana UpanishadBrahma Vidya UpanishadMandala Brahmana UpanishadMaha Vakya UpanishadYoga Kundali UpanishadYoga Sudamani UpanishadYoga Tattva UpanishadYoga Sikha UpanishadVaraka UpanishadSandilya UpanishadHamsa Upanishad The following yoga scriptures belongs to post vedic period. Bhagavat GitaYoga Sutra of PatanjaliThirumanthiram by ThirumoolarHatha Yoga PradeepikaGh…

Why classical study of yoga is required?

Every part of the world knows about yoga. Though it is of Indian Origin, it is practiced world-wide. Hundreds and hundreds of yoga institutes today are teaching yoga. Thousands and Thousands are practicing  or aspiring to practice yoga today.
Yoga has been institutionalised. Every yoga institute teaches yoga in a special way, as if it has been invented by them. They keep the techniques as their private property. Does they have the private property rights over the techniques by just simply modifying the techniques taught by traditional yoga scriptures or yogic guru parampara? 
Yoga has been commercialised today. In India, until the influence of western culture, yoga was not institutionalised or commercialised. Earlier no yoga guru was teaching yoga for making money. Of course, they accepted some money as Guru Dakshinai. Money was not their motive.  
But a modern day Guru, makes huge money by institutionalising the yoga. The techniques taught by him are those techniques taught by our Y…