Parvatasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits


Introduction Parvatasana, in fact, is a yoga posture with a confused identity. The most familiar Downward Facing Dog Pose is often called by this name. Some yoga traditions call PadmaParvatasana by this name. However, let us take the latter one here for our discussion leaving the former to be discussed in a separate article about … Read moreParvatasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits

Everything You Would Like To Know About Swastikasana


Introduction Swastikasana, also spelled as Svastikasana, is one of seated yoga posture used for meditation. It is easier to perform when compared to Adept Posture and Lotus Posture, yet provides the most of the benefits one can get from those yoga postures. When performed, this posture resembles Half Lotus Pose and Adept Pose, but the … Read moreEverything You Would Like To Know About Swastikasana

How to Do Mayurasana and What Are Its Benefits?


Introduction Mayurasana is one of the ancient non seated yoga postures found mentioned in Amrita Siddhi, a Sanskrit text probably composed in 10th or 11th Century CE. The text was written approximately five hundred years before Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Hence, this posture has been in practice for at least thousand years. Having said that, it … Read moreHow to Do Mayurasana and What Are Its Benefits?

Paschimottanasana aka Pascimottanasana


Introduction Paschimottanasana, also spelled as Pascimottanasana, is one of the seated forward bending yoga position. Before we dig deep into the details, let us know the importance of this posture. Almost all the medieval yoga texts mention and describe this posture and list the benefits of practising. Siva Samhita describes this posture as one of … Read morePaschimottanasana aka Pascimottanasana

Siddhasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits


Introduction Siddhasana is a yoga posture meant for Meditation. It is one of ancient yoga posture like Padmasana. Normally, householders don’t take this posture for practice. This is because, people believe that this posture is for those yogis who have renounced the world. This is the reason why Siddhasana has not become as popular as … Read moreSiddhasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits

Gupta Padmasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits

Gupta Padmasana

Introduction Gupta Padmasana is a yoga posture that belongs to the group of Lotus Posture. It is not a posture that is much familiar and widely practised, yet it gives many benefits. Here is the detailed account that shows the information, meaning, steps, and benefits. Gupta Padmasana Meaning The Sanskrit word Gupta means hide. So, … Read moreGupta Padmasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits

Tolangulasana Meaning, Steps, Benefits


Introduction Tolangulasana is a yoga pose that belongs to the group of Lotus Posture. Though this posture is not so popular as other yoga poses of this group, it provides many benefits. This posture helps in Kundalini activation when performed with Mula Bandha and Jalandhara Bandha. Let us have look at its meaning, Steps, and … Read moreTolangulasana Meaning, Steps, Benefits

Matsyasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits


Introduction Matsyasana is a reclined backward bending yoga posture with or without positioning the legs in Lotus Posture. It is one of the yoga postures of medieval time and yet a popular posture of modern yoga. This posture is found mentioned in Hatha Yoga Pradipika and described by Gheranda Samhita. Matsyasana is one of the … Read moreMatsyasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits

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