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Yoga Mudrasana is a seated forward-bending yoga posture that belongs to the group Lotus Posture.

It is not only a yoga posture but also a yogic gesture or Mudra by the name Yoga Mudra.

Yoga Mudrasana Information

Pose NameYoga Mudrasana
Sanskrit Nameयओगमुद्रासन​
English NameYoga Symbol Pose or Yoga Seal Pose
Psychic Union Pose
GroupLotus Posture
TypeSeated Forward Bending

Yoga Mudrasana Meaning

The Sanskrit word Mudrasana is the combination of two words: Mudra and Asana. Mudra means a Seal or a symbolic connotation. Hence in English, it gets the name Yoga Seal Pose.

In Hatha Yoga, there are Mudras (Seals) and Bandhas (locks) like Asanas. Mudras are symbolic connotations or fixed bodily gestures. Yoga Mudra is one such. When it is practiced like a yoga pose, it gets the Yoga Mudra Asana.

It is also known as Psychic Union Pose. In fact, the practice of Mudras channelizes the flow of psychic energies and tones up the psychic energy points. Apart from this, this posture serves as a bridge between external limbs and internal psychic channels and psychic points.

Yoga Mudrasana Procedure

The procedure for Psychic Union Pose includes precautions, preparatory steps, step-by-step procedure, duration, follow-up poses, and advanced pose considerations.

Yoga Mudrasana Safety and Precautions

Pregnant ladies and those who are undergoing periods should avoid this Posture. Besides this, people having the following health conditions should also avoid this posture.

  • Sciatica Pain
  • Lower back pain and disorders
  • Knee injuries and ailments
  • Pain and other ailments in the shoulder, arms, and upper chest

In case of doubt, consult your doctor before attempting this posture.

Preparatory Poses

Yoga Seal Pose is an advanced yoga posture and hence it requires the flexibility of leg joints, hips, arm joints, and shoulder joints. The following preparatory poses give you the required flexibility.

Yoga Mudrasana Steps

Step 1

Sit in Lotus Posture. Bring your hands behind your back. Get hold of one wrist on the other hand. Close your eyes. Take a couple of normal breathing.

Step 2

Inhale deeply. Exhaling slowly, bend forward. Keep your spine straight. Touch the ground with your forehead. Breathe normally. Keep this position as long as you are comfortable.

Step 3

Exhale deeply.  Come back to the sitting position inhaling slowly. Release the hands. Release from Lotus Posture.

Step 4

Again Sit in Lotus Posture by changing the leg crossed the other way. This time, hold the other wrist with the opposite hand. Repeat steps 1 to Step 3.


Initially, one or two minutes on each side is enough. After getting some practice, extend the practice up to five minutes.

Follow Up Poses

As we have already seen, Yoga Mudrasana is a forward-bending pose. Hence it is to be followed with anyone of backward bending postures.


This pose is not for beginners. If you have difficulty touching the floor with your forehead, try your best. Maintain that position. It will become possible within a week.

Advanced Pose Considerations

Instead of holding the wrist with the other hand, Put your hands in Anjali Mudra behind your back.

Yet another advanced variation is holding the big toes with the opposite hands around your back. This is the combination of Bound Lotus Pose and Yoga Mudrasana. It would be possible only for those who have mastery over the two poses.

Yoga Mudrasana Benefits

Enhances Flexibility and Mobility

Yoga Mudrasana stretches the muscles and joints around the hips, thighs, knees, ankles, abdomen, shoulders, arms, and upper chest. It gives more flexibility and mobility to those joints and muscles.

Tones up the internal organs of the abdomen

This Posture tones up the internal organs of the abdomen like the liver, kidney, pancreas, and adrenal glands. By the way, this improves their functions.

Helps in therapeutic conditions

Yogic Seal Pose helps in therapeutic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, Asthma, and Cardiac diseases. It prevents lower back pain, sciatica pain, and shoulder disorders.

Drives away stress-related issues

This posture prevents and drives away stress, depression, and anxiety. It improves the autonomic nerve function and activates Parasympathetic Nervous System. By this many diseases like Hypertension are prevented.

Activates Kundalini and Chakras

Yogamudrasana activates the lower Chakras and Kundalini. This helps one to advance in the yogic path.

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