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Ardha Ustrasana
Half Camel Pose


Ardha Ustrasana, also spelled as Ardha Ushtrasana, is a lighter version of Camel Pose. It is the preparatory pose for Poorna Ustrasana, the Complete Camel Pose. This pose is suitable for beginners.

There are many versions of Ardha Ushtrasana available. Let us have a look at some important ones.

Ardha Ustrasana Meaning

Ardha means a half in Sanskrit. Ustra is a camel and Asana means a yoga position. Hence, it is Half Camel Pose in English.

Half Camel Pose means the performance of Camel Pose in part.

Ardha Ustrasana Procedure

Safety and Precautions

Half Camel is not meant for pregnant ladies. Moreover, those who are having health conditions like hernia, lumbago, and other spinal issues should consult their doctor before taking this practice. For therapeutic considerations, one should resort to a competent supervision.

Preparatory Poses

This being the simple basic level pose, it does not require any preparatory pose. However, the mastery of any back bending poses will make this practice easier.

Ardha Ustrasana Steps

Step 1

Sit in Vajrasana. Keep the ankles on the sides of the buttocks.

Step 2

Then raise the buttocks to stand on the kneels. The lower part of your legs should be flat on the floor with soles facing up.

Step 3

Lean back on your left side and place your left palm on the leg just above the left ankle. Now raise the right hand and keep it at sixty degrees, right palm facing the floor. Arch your spine and head a little backward. Gaze your eye sight on the tip of your right hand. Breathe normally.

Step 4

Keep the position as long as it is comfortable. To release it, come back to Vajrasana.

Step 5

Then repeat the process alternating the arms the other way around.

Variation 1

The raised hand is kept vertical. The other hand is placed on the floor and the leg on that side is raised up.

Variation 2

In this variation, both hands are placed on the hip. The head and the cervical spine is arched back.

Follow Up Poses

One should take the practice of any of the following forward bending poses after this practice.

  1. Pascimottanasana
  2. Rabbit Pose

Ardha Ustrasana Benefits

The benefits of Half Camel Pose are the same as that of Camel Pose only. But the level of benefit is somewhat lesser than that.

  1. It improves the flexibity of the spine and is good for hunch back, cervial spondilitis, lumbago and other disorders of the spine.
  2. Half Camel Pose stretches and stimulates the respiratory organs and helps in conditions like Asthma, branchitis , and other respiratory disorders.
  3. Ardha Ustrasana stimulates the internal organs of the stomach and boosts the functions of liver, pancreas, adrenal . It aids in consitions like indigestion and constipation.
  4. Half Camel Pose envigorates the entire nervous system which is good for stress and depression.

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