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How to become a yoga instructor


How to become a Yoga Instructor?

Yoga is a concept of Indian culture, very ancient and very popular in the modern world. If we refer to primary sources or those who have long practiced yoga and, accordingly, the philosophy it carries, it turns out that yoga is the sublime state of the mental and physiological human components, the equilibrium of the human inside and outside. In other words, steady control of the senses and the body.

And yoga is a very effective practice and offers many health benefits. So many people are already practicing it or are just about to begin. If a person deepens their knowledge long enough, they may want to share this knowledge with others. If you have felt this calling, you may be wondering how to become a yoga instructor and help others, and how you can change lives in the same way your own life has been transformed by yoga. This article will explore the opportunities and circumstances when your love of yoga turns into a career.

Career Beginnings

Yoga instructors are fitness professionals who teach yoga. These low-impact exercises use controlled postures and breathing techniques to improve flexibility and strength. Therefore, it takes comprehensive and specialized training to become a yoga instructor in any style.

To become an instructor, it’s not enough just to love yoga, you have to practice it regularly for several years and then take a yoga instructor course. In addition, you must understand the philosophy of yoga and study its basic spiritual practices.

Modern yoga has grown with an emphasis on exercise, strength, flexibility, and, breathing. It can help improve your physical and mental well-being.

There are different schools of yoga, for example:

  • Ashtanga;
  • Iyengar;
  • Kundalini;
  • Sivananda.

Each of them has its characteristics, so the courses of instructors in different ones are noticeably different.

What Do Yoga Instructor Courses Teach?

In general, the focus is on spiritual practices, which are generally similar at different schools. Proper exercise technique is also very important, as doing some of the exercises incorrectly can lead to injuries such as sprains or dislocations. Especially exercises like the lotus pose or the shoulder stand are at risk. That’s why it’s not enough for an instructor to just know the anatomy and technique – they need to perfect their performance to be able to do them correctly. To do this you need to work long and hard with the instructor.

During the course, the future instructor will also develop his or her teaching skills, this is especially important for subsequent work with groups.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of certification courses for yoga instructors ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Many factors influence this price difference: whether it is residential or non-residential training, in-person or online, the level of support offered by the instructor, the number of students in the group, the experience of the instructors, the reputation of the school, etc. These factors should be carefully considered when choosing the right program.

What About Time?

There are different answers here: training to become a yoga teacher can take anywhere from a few weeks to several years.

Some yoga instructor training courses are in an intensive format of three to six weeks. These yoga courses usually involve full-time involvement and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. They help you stay engaged and motivated and see rapid progress in your practice.

Other yoga teacher training courses last several months or years and usually include weekly or monthly classes.

Working As An Instructor

After completing courses, you can get a job in a fitness center or give private lessons at home. In this profession, an instructor’s reputation is most important, so teacher recommendations received during training will be very helpful in getting a job. Experienced instructors are highly valued and usually have no problems with employment.

Yoga Instructor Salary

A certified yoga instructor’s salary varies depending on the number of students in their classes. Yoga studios pay instructors a certain amount for each student in a class, leading to fluctuations in instructor benefits from month to month and year to year.

However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks yoga instructors and other fitness trainers. According to their data, the median annual pay for fitness trainers in the United States was $40,510 in 2020.


So yoga instructor has to go through serious training before they can teach others. Teaching Yoga is very demanding and takes a lot of energy, including spiritual energy. So this profession is suitable only for those who are interested in it.

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