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Falling asleep quikely


Would you like to know what are the simple ways to fall asleep quickly?

If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.

Around 62 percent of people across the world have sleep problems. This is not only a fact that affects their personal health, but also the economies of their respective countries. Tired or absent employees have a huge effect on a company’s productivity.

According to the Sleep Foundation, younger adults and those aged 26 to 64 should aim to obtain seven to nine hours of sleep. Those who are sixty-five years or older, meanwhile, should obtain seven to eight hours.

Good, restorative sleep is not just about quantity, but also about quality. In addition to getting your required hours of ZZZs, you should also ensure you fall asleep relatively quickly (within half an hour of getting into bed) and that you wake up no more than once during the night. Below are a few effective means to help you achieve this aim.

Creating the Right Ambience in Your Bedroom to Fall Asleep Quickly

A study by researchers at Northwestern University has found that even slight light exposure during your sleep can harm your cardiovascular health and increase your insulin resistance. Light also makes you more alert and, alongside noise, can result in frequent waking and/or difficulty falling asleep. If you live in a noisy area, invest in soundproofing. You can also ensure your bedroom is completely dark by purchasing blackout curtains. Keep televisions and screens away from your room. Also, aim to avoid screen use at least half an hour before bedtime.

Embracing the Power of Smell to Fall Asleep Quickly

Fragrance impacts your mental state. So make the most of essential oils and other natural fragrances to help you get into a calm, stress-free mood when you are nearing your bedtime. Studies have shown that lavender, clary sage, and chamomile essential oils can be effective stress-reduction tools. You can access the benefits of these oils by direct application. Alternatively, you may diffuse them through an essential oil diffuser, or purchase natural candles containing these oils.

Battling Stress Proactively During the Day for Better Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep doesn’t only involve following a strict sleep routine, but also protecting your mental health throughout the day. So, you don’t toss and turn with worry and anxiety during the day. Study after study has shown that yoga poses and Pranayama are effective means to boost your mental health and mood while nipping stress in the bud. 

One (2017) study by Coventry University, for instance, found that holistic practices such as yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation don’t just relax people; they are actually capable of reversing the molecular reactions in human DNA that cause depression and poor health. Other natural, powerful means to keep anxiety and depression at bay include physical activity. Aim for a combination of aerobic and strength exercises. Also, take part in pampering experiences (such as going to the spa), and spend at least 10 minutes a day in a green or natural setting.

Bottom Line

Falling asleep relatively quickly is a marker of good sleep quality. Doing so is not difficult if you follow a strict routine and create a dark, quiet sleeping environment. Harnessing the power of essential oils and taking part in stress-busting activities such as yoga can also help you rest well and wake up feeling re-energized and ready to take on the world. Yoga Poses like Shavasana and Ujjayi Pranayama are effective yogic Kriyas for a good night’s sleep.

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