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Gupta Padmasana: Meaning, Steps, Benefits

Gupta Padmasana


Gupta Padmasana is a yoga posture that belongs to the group of Lotus Posture. It is not a posture that is much familiar and widely practiced, yet it gives many benefits.

Here is the detailed account that shows the information, meaning, steps, and benefits.

Pose NameGupta Padmasana
Sanskrit Nameगुप्त पद्मासन
IAST NameGupta padmāsana
English NameHidden Lotus Pose
Difficulty LevelHard
Origin (Period)Traditional
TypeProne Postures

Gupta Padmasana Meaning

The Sanskrit word Gupta means to hide. So, Gupta Padmasana means Hidden Lotus Posture. It gets this name because the Lotus position is not visible in this posture.

Gupta Padmasana Practice Routine

The practice routine of Hidden Lotus Position includes precautionary measures, preparatory poses, step-by-step procedures, and follow-up poses.

Gupta Padmasana Safety and Precautions

One must take the following precautionary measures before attempting this posture.

Preparatory Poses

Padmasana is the basic pose that one should have mastery over for the perfect practice of Hidden Lotus and other group poses.

The proficiency in Cow Face Pose is also a must for this practice.

Gupta Padmasana Steps

Step 1

Sit in Lotus Posture. Lean forward and place the palms on the floor and raise the buttocks. Stand on your knees.

Step 2

Now lower the body to the floor. Lying flat, stretch your neck and rest on the chin.

Step 3

Place the palms together behind the back and keep them in Anjali Mudra. The fingers should face the direction of the head by placing the little fingers on the back.

Step 4

Close your eyes or fix the eyesight on any object in front. Breathe slowly. Retain the position as long as you are comfortable.

Step 5

Release your hands and Lotus position. Come back to sitting position.

Step 6

Repeat the Steps 1 to 5 by changing the legs in Lotus Position.


It is one of the meditative postures and hence may be used for longer duration of time.

Follow Up Poses

Any one of the following counter postures may be taken after the practice of Hidden Lotus.

Advanced Pose Considerations

As an advanced pose, extent the fingers in Anjali Mudra to touch the base of the head.

Gupta Padmasana Benefits

The follow benefits of Gupta Padmasana.

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