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Amrita Nada Upanishad - Om Kriya

The Kriya expounded in the Upanishad is: Select a place free from disturbances.Spread a mat made up of Darbha or Kusa grass.Keep the mind free from any disturbancesFacing north, assume any yoga posture among Padma Asana, Swastika Asana, Bhadra Asana or any other asana which can be practised at ease.Mentally mutter ‘Om’Close a nostril with one finger, inspire through another nostril and retain the breath to maintain Agni (fire) at Muladhara. Contemplate on the sound Om only.

This should be done many times to get rid of the impurities. Meditation should be done traversing from Gross state to subtle state, beginning with navel and upwards.

This practice of yoga should be done with closed sight and with firm foot without tremor. The union is stated by remaining without tremor in the hallow stalk (viz., Susumna) alone is Dharana. It is reckoned as 12 matras in point of time or 48 seconds approximately.
The subtler state of Om never decays, as it has neither soft consonant, nor consonant, …

Amrita Nada Upanishad - Sadanga Yoga

Amrita Nada Upanishad, 21st among the 108 Upanishads, forms part of Krishna Yajur Veda. It talks about two different ways for attaining salvation.
For the pure minded one, having studied the Sastras (Scriptures) he should reflect them over and over again to come to know about the Brahman. Knowing the Brahman, he should abandon them all. 
For the impure minded one, practice of Sadanga Yoga (a yoga of six limbs or stages) is prescribed.

 The six stages are PratyaharaDhyanaPranayamaDharanaTarka andSamadhi
Pratyahara Pratyahara is subjugation of senses. Senses are of out-going nature towards the objects of senses like sound, taste etc. The kriya or technique of conquering the senses and bring them to a point is Pratyahara. For Pratyahara, a kriya is explained here. The Yogi should ascend the vehicle of Om, by taking Vishnu as Charioteer or Driver and worshiping Rudra. He should go on like this as long as he can. Then he should abandon the car and proceed further. Then abandoning the stages…