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Marjari Asana


Marjari Asana is a prone kneeling yoga pose. We could not find any documentation for this pose in Medieval classic yoga texts. Hence, I am opting to call it a modern yoga pose. It is a simple yoga pose yet it gives many health benefits.

Yet, Srittavanidhi, the treatise on iconography and iconometry of south Indian deities published in the 19th century, gives instructions for Marjarottanasana, an upside-down cat pose. Moreover, Hatha Ratnavali, the seventeenth-century yoga text describes a similar asana Vyahrasana (Tiger Pose).

More often, the pose is called Bidalasana which also means a Cat Pose. Besides, there exists a dynamic sequence of Bidalasana and Bitilasana (Cow Pose) which is popularly known as the Cat and Cow Pose dynamic sequence. As the name implies, the Cat and Cow stretch includes two poses: Cat Pose and Cow Pose.

This article gives a complete account of Marjariasana or Bidalasana along with the dynamic Cat and Cow Pose stretch.

Marjari Asana, Bidalasana, and Bitilasana Information

Pose NameMarjari Asana
Sanskrit Nameमार्जरीआसन
English NameCat PoseCow Pose
Difficulty LevelEasyEasy
TypeProne Kneeling Yoga PoseProne Kneeling Yoga Pose
Cat and Cow Pose Information

Marjari Asana Meaning

मार्जरी (mārjarī) in Sanskrit means a Cat and आसन (Asana) is a yoga pose. It resembles the posture of a cat on its four legs. Hence the name Cat Pose.

Bidalasana Meaning

बिडाल (biḍāl) in Sanskrit also means a Cat. Marjariasana and Bidalasana are synonyms and represent the same yoga pose.

Bitilasana Meaning

Likewise, बितिलासन (bitilāsana) is Cow Pose. This pose looks similar to a standing cow. Hence it gets this name.

Cat and Cow Pose Procedure

Both Cap Pose and Cow Pose are normally performed together. It forms a dynamic yoga stretch and is often called the Cat and Cow Pose Stretch. That said, this dynamic exercise includes the steps of both Bidalasana (Marjariasana) and Bitilasana.

Precautions and Contraindications

It is a safe yoga pose for pregnant ladies during the first trimester and many yoga schools are of the same view. However, pregnant ladies should consult their doctors before starting this practice. It is better to avoid this posture during the third trimester.

Though this posture helps have a healthy spine, people having issues with their spine should seek the advice of competent yoga personnel or a medical practitioner.

Also, it is contraindicated in health conditions like hernia, knee joint disorders, shoulder issues, and neck issues.

Preparatory Poses

As anyone can easily master this pose without much effort, it does not require any preparatory pose.

How to Do Cat and Cow Pose

As we have already seen, the steps of Cat and Cow Pose include the steps of Marjariasana (Bidalasana) and Bitilasana.

Marjari Asana Steps | Bidalasana Steps

Step 1

Assume Thunderbolt Pose. Ensure your breathing is normal. Stand on the kneels.

Step 2

Lean forward and place your palms on the floor so that your arms and thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Ensure that there is a slight gap between the knees.

Step 3

Exhale and lower the head, contract the abdomen, and stretch the spine upward. Thighs and arms should be vertical throughout the pose. Hold your breath for a comfortable duration.

Bitilasana Steps

Step 4

Inhale deeply and raise your head. Simultaneously lower the abdomen so that the spine becomes concave and the lung fills the maximum air. Hold your breath for a comfortable duration.

Step 5

Repeat the steps 3 and step 4 for the desired number of rounds.


A beginner can perform five to six rounds initially; whereas an adept can for 12 to 15 rounds.

Follow Up Poses

As each of the two poses is a counter-pose to the other, this stretch requires no other follow-up pose. Even so, Corpse Pose after the exercise is mandatory.

Marjari Asana Benefits | Cat and Cow Pose Benefits

The benefits of this dynamic yoga exercise include the following.

  • This yoga exercise makes the performer energetic and active throughout the day.
  • It prevents and corrects posture anomalies. Moreover, it provides good safety and structure to the body.
  • Cat and Cow Pose reduces belly and stimulates digestion. Furthermore, it helps to avoid the tummy tuck procedure after pregnancy as it causes the crucial structures of the post-pregnancy abdomen to retract.
  • It provides relief to menstrual cramps and pain. Moreover, it helps to have a better female reproductive system by toning up the reproductive organs,
  • This posture improves the flexibility of the spine and neck. As a result, it prevents many related issues.
  • It massages and strengthens the internal organs of the abdomen. As a consequence, it improves their functions.

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