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The months leading up to childbirth, are perhaps, one of the most stressful periods in a woman’s life. The sky-rocketing anxiety, killer backaches, splintering headaches, and unpredictable mood swings are all a new normal for the moms-to-be. The women who are new to this crazy lifestyle are scrambling to find a solution to keep them under control. They have been searching for the cure for so long that they forget that it is right under their noses. Yoga during pregnancy might just be what you’re looking for!

The morning sicknesses, the ever-changing moods, and painful aches that a woman goes through are the least of it. The anxiety that becomes her constant companion throughout those months gives a tight competition to the bodily aches that she experiences. The worry that her child will be brought into the world alright keeps her up most days.  Let’s not start on the hormones that are fluctuating between crazy highs. Anything and everything that usually goes right is all haywire when you are expecting.

Refer this article for more on the health benefits of yoga for women.

Can We Do Yoga During Pregnancy?

There are a lot of things that could go wrong and overthinking does not help one bit. So is there a way to lock all your mental anguish? Can you magically make invisible your tension and also feel better physically?

Well, a big yes, because yoga has got your back. Practicing yoga during pregnancy has been proven to be a lifesaver for years now. It has been the magical cure we have been looking for. In fact, extensive research was done on the same vouch for the goodness of this ritual. So it should not come as a surprise if this same ancient technique has been a favorite among expecting mothers. If you are expecting your bundle of joy and haven’t yet discovered the goodness of yoga, hop aboard!

Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga benefits health in many ways. They help reduce stress and that alone takes away half the problem. With the hormones going crazy, to dealing with overthinking, expecting women sure have got their plates full. If the days spent in worrying could be removed then the nine months of waiting would be much more tolerable. By meditating in the morning for a few minutes to clear the ever whirring mind could lessen a lot of their worries.

The backaches are the most dreaded at this time. The ever-present fatigue and sudden pangs of hunger do not make it easy either. With the baby growing it is natural for a lot of strain to be put on our backs. Including gentle asanas from yoga during pregnancy can help in straightening the posture and gives much-needed relief to the mother.

The yoga class that you sign up for could be just the thing you were looking for. The other mom-to-be could become your new friends. There is no relief other than finding people who are in the same boat as you.

Just like how yoga does wonder as a pre-natal exercise, it could be the next lifestyle change a woman could look for post-pregnancy. Taking up yoga after nine whole months could help you get back in shape. Gone are the days when the new mother has to lose sleep over shedding the extra weight she gained. Dive right into yoga and that shall be taken care of!

Prenatal Yoga for Normal Delivery

Prenatal yoga has proved highly beneficial for toning the muscles of the lower abdomen. With gentle yoga postures, the mother could strengthen and make flexible her pelvic muscles. They reduce cervical tension by expanding the pelvic muscles, which is seen as a highly helpful preparatory process. This also helps to alleviate the aches that the body goes through during these nine months. It also helps the body to keep up with the sudden changes that happen during the few months.

It is a proven fact that the healthier the mother, the healthier the baby is going to be. The mother should be healthy enough to sustain another life. Several tests have shown that mothers who make yoga during pregnancy a priority can prevent premature labor and also the delivery of a low-weight baby.

Yogasanas during Pregnancy

There are many asanas in yoga that help alleviate the symptoms and let’s take a look at a few of them and their preferable time of practice.

Yoga during First Trimester

Baddhakonasana or butterfly pose is another godsend from the yogic way of life. It increases the flexibility of the pelvic muscles and provides a thorough stretch to the groin region. Moreover, it facilitates smooth delivery if practiced throughout the term. It even serves as a much needed stretching exercise for the thighs and hips

Tadasana or palm tree pose is a highly favored relaxing pose from the Yogic life. It aims at striking a fine balance between our mental and physical health. It is also considered to be a stretching exercise for the spine.

Viparitha Kalyani or legs pose comes as a savior when the mother is grappling with backaches. It is usually performed with legs up on a wall with your upper body flat against the floor. This posture helps in increased blood flow to the pelvic region too. The other benefit of this yogic pose is that it relieves swollen ankles and varicose veins, which are both very common occurrences in pregnancy.

Yoga during Second Trimster

Trikonasana or triangle pose includes standing with your legs wide apart with your arms parallel to the floor. It also includes taking relaxed gulps of breath in between. This is considered to increase blood circulation and also alleviate body aches.

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a deeply relaxing ritual in which the yogi is conscious but in a trance-like state. It is considered to be really helpful in relieving the participants of their worries and giving them their much-needed mental peace. This asana comes in really handy if the new mothers find themselves tossing and turning at night.

Yoga during Third Trimster

Nadi Shodhan pranayama is a very popular breathing exercise that helps reduce blood pressure and also relieves stress. It’s a powerful meditation technique where you alternate between breathing through your left and right nostrils. It is also effective in increasing the oxygen supply to the body which helps the little one by heaps.

Savasana or corpse pose is another favorite among people practicing yoga. This pose also helps in reducing mental stress and even relieves their backaches. It is considered to be a rejuvenating process that makes them feel energized.


While yoga during pregnancy is highly beneficial to the health of the mother and baby, there are a few things that one needs to be mindful of. The mother should not take the unnecessary strain by doing the wrong exercise. She must always stick to gentle exercises. Some of the poses to absolutely steer clear of are Naukasana, Bhujangasana, and Chakrasana.

In this beautiful journey filled with toils, make yoga your closest friend, and be rest assured, the journey shall be made more beautiful!

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